Saturday, November 18, 2006


Below are some pics from our last gig we did on Aug 26th at Marco Polo Restaurant. It was Kay Chin's wedding, and she wanted us to carry on her family tradition and get us to sing for her wedding too, since we sang at her brother's wedding as well, last year.

It was a well planned wedding, with a nostalgic chinese feel to the settings, and the classic chinese songs of yore being played on the speakers, of course until everyone started yam seng-ing.

Weina singing the walk in song for the bride and groom... "You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you..."

"He was a boogie woogie Bugle Boy of Company B..."

Fancy Poultry doing Andrew Sisters

Weina and Justin, our talented musicians-cum-singers for the night. We are so lucky...

Vivian dreaming a little dream...

The line up at Kay's L to R: Weina, Kayli, Me, Hazlin, Vivian, Justin

Chattanooga Choo Choo, choo-choo me home...

Me and Justin doing Man in the Mirror... well, here of course, it's Justin in action.

Me, Hazlin, Vivian and Justin in action, with our fans for the night sitting attentively in front of us.

Tired funky chicken head

The Thriving A Cappella Scene, and then some.

It's nice to see other a cappella groups grow and evolve. Especially when they are all your friends which you have sung with at some point, thanks to being a member of The Phil all these years.

Just got back from The Wicked Pitches' Mostly We Moon concert at KLPac. Am proud of them, they did a tremendous job, lots of hard work was prevalent in all areas, and they pulled it off well. Thanks also to Michael Voon, another dear friend, choreographer/staging director extraodinaire and fellow theatre practitioner, they had their moves and grooves polished just right, of course, after taking into account the few who do have rhythm problems. And as a friend, I will not try to be all forgiving and just say nice things for the sake of it. Rather I would like to tell them to their faces, what did work and what did not (which I already did btw), be objective about it and allow them to grow even more and learn from the whole experience- if they actually think I am talking sense lah. Take the negative and make it positive the next time round...

A healthy and thriving scene, be it in theatre, musical theatre, a cappella or dance, should be strived at all times. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. Of course when I say healthy, I mean, maintaining good competition, keeping the environment an educational one, where all parties aim to better each other because they know they want to, because they love what they do, because the only way is up. NOT because they want to be better than that group, or because they THINK they deserve better than the others. There is no room for sour grapes if you want to move forward and cultivate positively. At least, that's what I have learnt.

Will look forward to seeing familiar faces at our Christmas eve gig at Bangkok Jazz. In the meantime, it's rehearsals and more rehearsals.

The funky chicken head

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The inaugural blog-cum-website for Fancy Poultry is up on Click here.

We're the group that sings it either in A Cappella or with music accompaniment. Call it confused, we'd rather call it versatile... heheh.

This one is just for me... the Funky Chicken Head. Posts here maybe repeated, for my alter ego's sake ;)

Just thought I'll finally do it!.Been sitting on the idea for some time. Thanks to Cris for instigating the idea further, it's here!

Will have to get materials to document and post, pics to put up, etc.

Till then... sleep now.